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rockcrazy's Journal

Things You Should Know Beyatch

-I used to have a crush on Speed Racer

-Girls are hot, but too annoying to get into a relationship with. Girls are hot, but they are annoying, period.

-I'll be moving to Vegas soon (*Er yeah right, I always say I'm moving to some other state aren't I?)

-I used to HATE cats. Now I think dogs are annoyng

-I'm actually very loving, but I think its weak to show it and I love showing it.

-I'm convinced that I'm a distant relative of the Three Stooges Stifler.

-I love bubble gum oldies, and Slightly Stoopid, Expendables, Pepper, Dub Step, and Drum n' Bass.

-I have a grand interest in forensic science

More to come yo.